Re-engaging in minimalism….

My last post was dated August of 2014.

I was three weeks into the first semester of nursing school.

Today is February 18, 2015 and I am three weeks into the second semester of nursing school.

And oh my…..have things changed.

I still attend school several hours per day, plus work the on-call night shift.  I am the primary care giver of my two kids with their school, hockey, friends….their lives.

I did, however, become engaged to a wonderful guy.  We are getting married June 6, 2015.  The date after my nursing board prep test….and two days before two finals and 5 days before graduation from the LPN program.

My house is on the market and I am planning on moving myself and kids to another town 30 minutes away.

The home I am moving into is an old 1940’s cottage.  It is charming and cute.  But….it needs some work.   Hubby (to be) and I are renovating the bathroom…..and painting the rooms for my kids.  The outside needs desparately to be painted as well.

Summer will be busy.  I need to go back to working full time for a while before starting my second year nursing/RN program.

I am not practicing my minimalist ways.  The house I am moving into is twice the size of my condo.  It is on one third an acre.  My time for the next several months is jam-packed.

And I am planning a wedding.  Or not?  I am planning a marriage….but a wedding?

How do I make the next 6 months happen?

How do I make the next 6 months minimalist?

Another minimalist beginning?