Bucket Lists

I think I have gone minimalist on my bucket list as well. 

Or maybe my divorce has just made me depressed and my motivation and ambition is low.  

My bucket list had all sorts of things on it.  In the health and fitness, I wanted to weigh a certain weight, my hair a certain length; I wanted to do a certain amount of push ups, pull ups, handstand push ups, long distance, ultra runs, hike certain trails, hike certain peaks, etc. etc.

My bucket list had numerous places of travel.  Most of my bucket list was where I was going to travel and the places I was going to see.  All sorts of places in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, all over the US….stuff like that.  In fact, many of my fitness goals were incorporated into my travel goals.  

My bucket list also had some professional goals in it and a couple financial goals as well.

I started to write my previous bucket list in this post, but the list is so long and I didn’t want to type it all.  I was getting lazy and annoyed and the idea of putting it all down in this post.  

For many people, minimalism is for them because it allows them to focus less on the mundane aspects of living or getting caught of in the stuff and living on autopilot and it is more about bucket lists….doing what you really want to do. 

For me…minimalism is pretty multi faceted.  Yes, it is about focusing more on the parts of life I want, and weeding out the parts of life that don’t work for me, but I am starting to think that we can turn minimalism and bucket lists into yet another ball and chain that we are trying to break free from.  

The expectation of accomplishing a bucket list, of accomplishing and completely clutter free house, of accomplishing the task of weeding down to only owning X number of items or whatever aspect of minimalism you embrace, can be just as rut-producing or life- draining as all the stuff we have or constant hours we work to pay for all this stuff.

For me, looking at my bucket list was overwhelming.  Maybe that is where I am at right now.  Starting over and no money and no time and two young children makes my bucket list look daunting.  In many ways, I am now looking at a lot of things in my life through a new lens and have come to feel that so many things that were important…is really no longer important.  

For most of us, our bucket lists have probably changed…..add something here, take something off here…not as important and bucket lists change obviously, as you accomplish your goals.  

I plan on revamping my bucket list.  Minimalizing it.  The purpose behind that is to take some of the pressure off me to get so many things done or accomplish all these tasks and the work that it takes to accomplish all these tasks. That somehow by attaining certain fitness levels or looking a certain way or having traveled to numerous places will make me happier so I can show people how well traveled I am or how fit I am or how well rounded I am, so how happy I am.  Perhaps by minimizing my bucket list, I can learn to better enjoy the moment I am in…find some sense of peace or joy in what I am currently doing.  Make my home, my kids, my place in the world, a place I want to be….savor the moments.  Live in the moment.  Live in the now. 



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