Maybe Minimalism Isn’t Such a Good Idea….???

So….I am buying a house.

Not a house, a townhouse. 

It has 3 bedrooms and 1.5 baths.  Get that!!  Not 2 baths, but 1.5.   That means no master bath.  Myself and my two kids will share a bathroom and the half bath is downstairs.  That is going to be the poop bathroom.

The townhouse is 1330 square feet.  I had read somewhere that you could figure 400 square feet per person and then 200 square feet per pet.  Something like that.

So with me and the two munchkins plus pooch….we are following those “rules”.

Want to see some pictures?

End unit.  Yes it is.  I have a “side yard” that I don’t care for and maintain.  However….no garage.   But what did I use a garage for?  Well, to keep my car in and out of the elements.  I do have a carport that will cover my car so it will be protected from snow and sun.  A garage never really protects cars from the temperatures so…..a carport should be sufficient.  

What else did I use a garage for.  Oh that is right!  To keep my garden tools and lawnmower in there.  

Well…no need for that.  No yard.  Well…kind of have a “side yard” but the HOA takes care of that.  

Cool.  I do need a garage for the bikes and scooters and balls and rollerblades and….and….and….

Hmm, well the town house has a little enclosed patio with shed!

The shed can hold the toys and balls and rollerblades and sleds and tubes, etc.  

But what about bikes?  

It turns out, I need a garage unless I can compromise on bikes. 

Here is the compromise:

Cover that with a tarp and put it next to the shed.  Problem solved.  

No need for a garage!

But what about a backyard?  

Did I mention that my townhouse has a park behind my patio?

I don’t have to maintain it.  The neighborhood is full of kids for my kids, we are a couple blocks from a grocery store and the movies.  We are also a couple blocks from other parks and the middle school.  

So far, so good.  The best part is that my mortgage and insurance is $380 for a unit in a nice neighborhood built in 2003.  (I used the equity from the house from my divorce for a nice down payment)  I really minimalized my potential expenditures.  

I’m very excited.  

I hope my kids will like it.  They lived in a 3500 square feet house with their mom and dad together.  It had a couple family rooms, a huge TV and air hockey table.  It had an office and a large kitchen.  It had a master bath attached to the master bedroom…..

I hope they can be happy in this smaller home…..without a garage.  Without their own bathroom.  Without a full time dad.  With just a mom.

We have minimalized our family in some ways, I guess.  

Not what I wanted.  Not what minimalism is about.  This isn’t how I wanted my life to be.  This isn’t what I wanted my kids life to be.  The stuff….that is easy.  Or is it? If you minimalize the stuff, do you minimalize all the memories?   The family….we have minimalized that…that is not so easy.  Not so good….

Maybe minimalism isn’t such a good idea….???

Unless we can find a way to minimalize my pain.





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